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Carpet Cleaning in Wilmington, NC

Did you know, by keeping your carpets as clean as possible, it will help extend the life of them? As you, your family and friends, and your pets move over carpets, dirt, dust and other debris will find its way into the fibers. Even if you can’t physically see it, these allergens are most likely there. Luckily, with regular carpet cleaning services, you can rid your carpet of unseen allergens.

At World Class Steam of Wilmington, we understand that every carpet situation is unique including the traffic patterns, the make of the carpet, the material it is made out of. These things make every situation different. Our team of experienced cleaners with evaluate your carpet and determine the best course of action to make it look like new. From removing stains to getting as many of those allergens out as possible, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job. 

We clean your carpets with our state-of-the-art cleaning supplies. This helps your carpets look better than before. Jobs are completed in a timely manner so that your daily lives are not disrupted too much. 

The method we use for cleaning is hot water extraction. World Class Steam uses a hot water extraction method, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. This carpet steam cleaning service removes even the deepest carpet dirt and safely removes it without carpet damage.  Using very hot water, with a uniquely formulated cleaning solution, World Class Steam carpet cleaners inject the carpet cleaning solution deep into the fibers of your carpet. 

The next step is to extract the moisture from the carpet cleaning solution using truck mounted water extraction equipment that pulls the deeply embeded  carpet dirt, household allergens, cleaning solution,  and nearly all the of the moisture. World Class Steam's carpet cleaning method is recommended by carpet manufacturers.
Carpet Cleaning Wilmington, NC

Carpet Water Damage

If your home recently experienced a flood, getting the water out as quickly as possible is key. When carpeting is left sitting in water, mold may start to form, causing bigger, more expensive problems. 

With the help from the team at World Class Steam of Wilmington, we are available to help you with flood drying services. Our extractor tools help get the water out. If your carpet has been ruined by flood waters, or the flood waters contain contaminants that may be hard to get rid of, we can help repair or replace your carpet.

With years of experience and knowledge, there’s no better choice in the Wilmington, NC other than World Class Steam of Wilmington! Call our team today!

Carpet Water Damage Wilmington, NC
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